What is Strombafort? “Strombafort” or “Stromba” is product of Balkan Pharmaceuticals –

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company from Moldova founded in 2006, works on Moldovan market since 2006.

The Trade name Strombafort is anabolic steroid with active ingredient stanozolol (or “Winstrol”) –

The content is 10 or 50 mg stanozolol in one tablet. Actual package contain 100 tablets by 10 mg stanozolol each. 5×5 tablets in a blister, 4 blisters in one package. “Strombafort” by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a quality product. Lab tests show us actual content of 10.3 mg/tablet of stanozolol. Read more about test here:

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Useful: there are a fake products on the market, so, be carefull! See more here: fake Strombafort.