Fake Proviron, is real my Proviron?

Fake Proviron: is real my Proviron?

How to check if Proviron is real?

The differences between the fake “Proviron” (active ingredient Mesterolone) and the real one are in the picture. The real one is on top, the fake Proviron is on the bottom. The packaging is the same for both, the counterfeiters have either made a perfect copy or simply put the counterfeit in the original box. The real Proviron has slightly larger tablets, almost imperceptibly. Another difference is that the stamp of the counterfeit blister is elsewhere, not at the end of the tablet blister. The third difference is also clear – the blister of the fake Proviron is slightly larger on the left and right and its color is slightly different.

Fake Proviron